emergency landings
March 26, 2019

Shortly after taking off from Orlando International Airport on Tuesday afternoon, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 jet turned around and made an emergency landing as the pilots reported an issue with one of the engines, the airline reported.

Southwest said the incident was not connected to a computer system that is being investigated for the role it may have played in the fatal crashes of two other 737 Max 8 planes, a Lion Air jet that crashed in October and an Ethiopian Airlines plane that went down earlier this month. Because of those crashes, the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all Boeing MAX planes, although the airlines have been able to shuttle their jets to storage areas.

The Southwest plane was headed to Victorville, California, where the company's fleet of 34 MAX jets will be stored during the grounding. There were no passengers on board, the airline said, and the plane will remain in Orlando for review. Catherine Garcia

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