I was shocked when I heard that Universal was producing a re-imagined version of Herman Melville’s “classic tale” Moby Dick, said Alex Billington in FirstShowing.net. But as I “calm down and take this in, I'm actually starting to think it might not be as bad as I originally thought.”

Are you kidding? said Gary Susman in Entertainment Weekly online. This is a terrible idea, especially because out of all the people that could have directed it, the job’s been given to Timur Bekmambetov—who directed Wanted! We don’t need to see Moby Dick as a violent “action-adventure tale” chockfull of CGI effects.

Not to mention the fact that the screenplay is being written by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, said Hunter Stephenson in Slash Film, the two guys who “previously penned Accepted and the Olsen Twins’ New York Minute.” But I really liked Wanted, and if the filmmakers can “rig Ahab’s peg leg into a 3D harpoon,” this movie could be pretty entertaining.