Miss California, Carrie Prejean, cites the Bible "every chance she gets" to explain why she's against gay marriage, said The Hollywood Gossip. So it's surprising to learn that she's so unhappy with "how God made her" that she had breast implants—paid for by the Miss California Organization—just six weeks before the Miss USA competition.

“The fact that Carrie Prejean got breast implants is not newsworthy,” said Feminsting.com, but the fact that the Miss California Organization paid for them is. “It shows that pageants aren't about highlighting women as they are or for their talents,” but only “to make spectacle of a specific type of femininity.”

“Let’s not be naïve,” said Jessica Wakeman in The Frisky.  Breast implants “aren’t exactly taboo in pageant-land.” The line between what's real and what's fake gets blurry in a “pageant subculture where women hairspray their legs and wipe Vaseline on their teeth to look extra shiny.”