Texas Gov. Rick Perry's talk of secession really struck a nerve, said Wayne Slater in The Dallas Morning News. Perry raised the possibility at an April anti-tax "tea party," but on Saturday a group named the Texas Nationalist Movement rallied in Austin to call on the governor to follow through. The secessionists want the state legislature to put a referendum on the ballot asking whether Texas should leave the Union. (watch part of the Texas secessionist rally)

Rick Perry must be "regretting he ever brought the subject up," said Doug Mataconis in Below the Beltway. These secession nuts show how silly his rhetoric was. It's "pretty clear" that it's President Obama the people at the rally hate, "not the country itself," so their rally was just a way for "some of the more extreme opponents of the president to blow off steam."

Texans aren't the only ones tired of having their states' rights "trampled," said Robert Moon in Examiner.com. Many people across the country are fed up with the way the federal government, under Obama, is "bankrupting this country with backwards leftist insanity. Texans are just the ones who "feel they need to draw a line in the sand."