Barbie is heading to Hollywood, said Guy Adams in The Independent. Universal Pictures has struck a deal with Mattel to make "a series of 'family-friendly' live-action movies" based on "the world's most famous plastic doll." Critics are sure to "groan"—this summer's "live-action concept films inspired by toys like Transformers and G.I. Joe released to a near-universal drubbing." But those movies made millions of dollars, so bringing Barbie to the big screen at least makes "solid business sense."

But we've already seen this movie—"it was called Legally Blonde," said Ethan Anderton in And Barbie has already been "brought to life in tons of terrible straight-to-DVD releases." Universal's Barbie movie will be little "more than a lighthearted romantic comedy akin to dozens of other films we've seen like it before."

But considering films based on toys, said Rebecca Murray in, Barbie is "a more logical choice" than "the classic Asteroids video game, the ViewMaster toy, or Stretch Armstrong—all of which are currently in the works to be made into movies." And besides, Barbie's "pretty, plastic, perfect, and ageless—and everyone knows her name."