Jenny Slate sure "made a splash" in her debut as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, said James Poniewozik in Time. Slate dropped an "F-bomb" in a biker sketch with Kristen Wiig. (watch a clip from the skit) Maybe it was a publicity stunt, but Slate's "facial reaction suggests it was an old-fashioned you-know-what-up." Either way, there should be no "legal repercussions," as the FCC's profanity regulations cover daytime and primetime, not late-night TV.

It's not like this hasn't happened on SNL before, said Tom Shales in The Washington Post. Former SNL player Charles Rocket dropped an F-bomb in 1981, although the uproar that followed back then isn't likely to be repeated today. Still, Jenny Slate can't expect viewers to "overlook the glitch," as we have YouTube and home video recorders now, so her debut is likely to be replayed "ad infinitum."

In a 1980 SNL skit, said Mark Caro in the Chicago Tribune, "members of a medieval band kept repeating the word "flogging" as a substitute for another two-syllable F-word—but then Paul Shaffer slipped and uttered the naughty word by mistake." Jenny Slate's goof was similar—her biker character said "frigging" several times before she slipped and dropped the F-word. Maybe the lesson here is that SNL writers should stop relying on repeating the same old gag.