Gay fans of Adam Lambert are in for a shock, said The American Idol star, who came out as gay earlier this year, is pictured in this month's Details magazine cavorting with a naked female model. "Things have never looked straighter" for the Lambert, which is "bizarre" for a "gay man featured in a gay magazine." The "much buzzed-about spread" will no doubt provoke some "gay shrieks," but it's all good publicity for Lambert's new album—"this is how you get people talking!"

"Adam, why are you going along with this?" said Brian Moylan in Details has always been "obviously gay," but has a "closet mentality" that seems to have "rubbed off" on Lambert. The "awkward" photo shoot is "very heterosexual" but not exactly convincing. The pop star was praised for coming out, and "now is not the time to be ashamed" of it. "Say it loud, you're queer and you're proud."

But this "racy hetero shoot" is a "big bone to toss to Lambert's female fans," said Lambert's management clearly "wants to position Adam to be more than just a 'gay' entertainer." It worked for Neil Patrick Harris, the gay star of How I Met Your Mother, "who can also play hetero on TV." And besides, Lambert's fans—gay or female—can agree on one thing: "Adam looks hotttt!"