Protests continued in Louisville, Kentucky, on Thursday for a second night in a row, one day after a grand jury indicted one of the three Louisville police officers involved in the March 13 shooting of Breonna Taylor, but not directly for her death. The officers shot Taylor while executing a search warrant in her apartment, related to an investigation involving a former boyfriend. The only officer to face charges was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment for shooting into the apartment next door. During Thursday night's protests, anti-racism and anti-police brutality demonstrators encountered about a dozen armed counter-protesters, who claimed they were protecting property. Police said they arrested at least 24 people over the course of the night, with charges including unlawful assembly and failing to disperse. One of the two Louisville police officers shot on Wednesday night amid the protests was released from the hospital on Thursday; the other is still recovering. A suspect in the shooting has been arrested.

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